About New Moon Energy Healing

I have always enjoyed helping people in different ways, but I wanted to find something that could be beneficial for everyone.

While visiting my sister in Colorado, I had my first Reiki session. I was amazed at how much better I felt. My anxiety was gone, my back didn’t ache, and I was so calm and relaxed. I knew I needed more of this, and I found a Reiki practitioner when I returned home.

As time went on, I decided to look into Reiki classes for myself. I enrolled in a Reiki 1 class and learned about the practice, and how to apply Reiki on myself. I loved it! I went on to take the Reiki 2 class so I could learn how to practice Reiki on others.

I am now enjoying helping people of all ages, and even some pets! I am here to support you in whatever your needs may be.

I am a member of the Vermont Reiki Association.


Feel free to reach out to newmoonenergyhealing@gmail.com with any questions or thoughts!